Sunday, 15 November 2015

Speech Be Repeating

Speech be repeating
Itself over again,
Like words you’ve said before
But never really meant.
Once when you left me
I was not alone
My heart was cold and empty
But compensating was my tongue.
The liquor sweet to taste
The music dull to hear
Once I was in rhythm
The words became full clear
You said it once before
Some time in the beginning
All are lost who love you
Only you’re the one who’s winning.
So true to form and speech
Next time I’ll heed the signs
Those who warn in favor
Will never be full mine.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


In the moon lit night
Across the windowpane came
The pitter-patter footsteps
Of sweet summer rain.
While the flooding light
Of the man in the moon
Left shadows across
The length of the room,
As a breath of wind
Made the curtains dance
In the melody of
A soothing trance.
Calling from the wild
The birds and the bees
Frolic from their heights
Nestled in the trees.
As they took their places
For the midnight hour
Silhouettes of our skin
The sheets to devour.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Everything Dies in September

Everything dies in September.
I feel you lurking.
Taking back what you once gave.

Petty petals off your stem digress
as downed autumn leaves to ground caress
and still, you want more.
For the taking is all yours.

Her sweet perfume six feet does lie,
beside her tomb, her alibi.
Ten years and four since seen her face,
shadows dawn where memories once placed.

And then there’s them, the pale and fresh,
the ones we knew, the ones we kept
close at heart til hearts burned out
and silenced words that once did shout.

For them we cringe when September calls,
to count your wins and lay them all
beneath the earth in caskets cold
to lay for years while the living stroll.

But little you doth know of this
but He who died for us to live
has saved for us a Kingdom Come
and there they wait to welcome us home. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

In the Navy Now

Something in the blue is calling me.
Hard hatted men coincide.
Reason within reason has observed me
and no hesitation can be heard in its reply.
I’m jumping in full willing with my boots on,
to change my destiny I conform.
Mimicking my neighbor left and right of me,
in high-head holding shoulder-backing form.
Swallowing my tongue with my virtue,
as gun waving armatures progress
to quick witted eagle eyed comrades
with gold and silver pins upon our chest.
So someday when I stand tall beside you,
you will feel the strength within my heart.
Instead of waiting for my life to find me,
I picked up my head and took charge.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


If I tell you that I love you
Will you believe the words,
Or call me for a fool
And say I’m just a silly girl?
Will your walls begin to crack
Or will you build them up tall,
Call in your reinforcements
Or let your heart begin to fall?
As I predict the outcome
With the words on my breath
I feel the blood gather
On the left side of my chest.
The seconds slow their ticking
As the pitter patter hastes.
My knees begin to weaken
While my heart makes her case.
Instantly your eyes
Dilate at the sight
As the words from my lips
Pierce the silence of this night.
Call me a liar
If you don’t believe my truths
For its been hours, days, years
Since I started loving you.