Wednesday, 7 June 2017

I can't.

You told me not to wait; say goodbye.
You told me not to wait but I can't lie.
Every second away I feel I die.
Without me, does the sun out west still shine?
Hold your hands above the fire. Singe,
The flesh around the fingers once that went
Between mine back when we were still
Dreaming, in the days where life was nil.
Keep the promise you once left to her
Before the world presented you a real
Love who wants nothing but your best
And squanders time waiting for the rest.
Keep the promise. You once gave a vow
But knowing all you know and asking how
You lived the lie for years without the pain
And knowing now the passion whence it came.
You told me to move on but I can't budge.
You told me this is temporary love,
But every second passing feels the pain.
A fleeting heart can't fleet from whence it came.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

My Name.

I called your name out loud
As if saying it would make you appear,
As if you were waiting on me.
My mind quickens with questions
I've been longing to ask,
Are you saying my name too?
Are you sneaking the words in the night
Out the whispers of your lips
Letting desert sands carry them to me
Until my ears burn?
Say it again.
My name.
The warmth melts down my spine
Like Southern heat
Leaving me sun kissed.
Call to me again
And let the words burn the flesh
Until your soothing lips can heal
Or winter chills the bones.
Which will come first?

Monday, 10 October 2016

Ten, the Tone

Ten, the tone that rings the clock
Been waiting for this hour.
At three and four I thought I'd stop
But proves I'm just a coward.
I saw you once as what you were
But lied myself believed
Quick to batt an eye or two
I had myself deceived.
As hours round the year again
Your presence didn't miss
With every waking minute than
Your name fell off my list.
Came the suitors here and there
I'm all but fare to greet
I kept one a time or two
Though never in the sheet.
Why the longing face of mine?
Most quick to jump the bones.
I know to well this feeling I've
Reset the clock all lone.

Monday, 25 July 2016

We Have the Same Scar

We have the same scar.
The one on your shoulder
Right between the joint
Like a knife had pierced the skin just slightly
It bleeds
The warm red syrup drips from your seams
Like that one time I lost you.
Puffed and pale
Dead but alive
Hungry but full
You laid for weeks
Ever silent in your desperate stare
Vained and drained
I drove to see you
Slept in a chair by your bed in the room
Clawing to crawl close
But she too kept a presence
The newest of the bunch
So I made my return
Bought a ticket west
Sat in line for days
Anything but here
Anywhere but you
And the cold salt that ran from my eyes was silent,
Like you too.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Speech Be Repeating

Speech be repeating
Itself over again,
Like words you’ve said before
But never really meant.
Once when you left me
I was not alone
My heart was cold and empty
But compensating was my tongue.
The liquor sweet to taste
The music dull to hear
Once I was in rhythm
The words became full clear
You said it once before
Some time in the beginning
All are lost who love you
Only you’re the one who’s winning.
So true to form and speech
Next time I’ll heed the signs
Those who warn in favor
Will never be full mine.